Alyson Sheppard MS, CSCS

After over a decade of working in the Sports Science industry, Alyson decided that it was time to put to action a long-standing vision she had to help athletes and individuals achieve the most out of their physical performance. Early on in her career, Alyson found a passion for helping athletes with injury prevention, returning from injury, or fine-tuning training on a metabolic and physiological level. Now, through Optimize Performance,  she has partnered with an International, Professional Testing group to bring Metabolic & Physiological Testing to athletes around the United States, and the World. This testing can now be done remotely, or in-person.

Alyson was born and raised in Ohio and attended Otterbein University where she played basketball, and studied Health Promotion and Fitness. After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in 2011, she went on to become a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Kent State University while also completing research in the Exercise Physiology lab with a main focus on Parkinson’s disease. Alyson graduated with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from Kent State University in 2013. 

The foundation of Optimize Performance began during Alyson’s experience in the Strength and Conditioning sector of the Sports Science industry at The Ohio State University, Youngstown State University, and Kent State University. After spending the majority of her career working with athletes as a Strength and Conditioning coach, Alyson transitioned into a clinical setting at IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in Houston Texas, giving her the opportunity to not only work with individuals of all levels returning to sports and daily life but broadening her work to those returning from non-surgical and surgical injuries. During her time at IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in Texas, Alyson assisted in developing the return to play protocol that IRONMAN still uses today. She was also given the opportunity to complete metabolic testing such as VO2 Max testing and Blood Lactate testing on individuals competing in high-endurance events. 

On a personal level, Alyson lives the lifestyle she promotes by staying active and monitoring her personal nutrition. Alyson enjoys the outdoors, being on the water, endurance and weight training. She has competed in many races from 10K’s, half marathons, all the way to completing the full IRONMAN Texas. Alyson is active within the community and often donates her services to local causes, working with local running clubs, and actively attends races and other events. 

Overall, it is Alyson’s goal for Optimize Performance to help athletes and all individuals reach beyond their potential and personal expectations in injury prevention, returning from injury, and adjusting their metabolic and physiological training levels in high endurance training activities and events. 

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