Biomechanical Run Analysis

Running Analysis done on real-terrain or treadmill. Performing this analysis on the surface outdoors can allow for the most accurate gait cycle/pattern for the individual, as opposed to the treadmill affecting the gait pattern. An analysis will help to identify the forces placed on a runner as well as identify if these forces are potentially
causing or aggravating any injuries/symptoms. This can also be used as a tool for continued Injury Prevention for individuals. A thorough biomechanical evaluation will enable the runner to identify their problem areas as well as develop a comprehensive management plan to address any impairments observed.

Side View: Foot strike, foot inclination angle at initial contact, Tibial angle at loading response, knee flexion during stance & initial contact, Hip extension during late stance, trunk lean, over-striding, Vertical displacement, and more.
Posterior View: Base of support, Heel eversion, Foot progression angle, Heel whips, Knee window, Pelvic drop, Upper-body shift, and more.

Real Terrain!

No treadmill needed! We come to you. Treadmills can change your gait pattern, so we prefer taking video of you running in the environment you train and race in!

What you CAN’T See Could Change Everything!

There’s so many variables to what our body goes through when we run. The problem, we can’t see it! Our Run Analysis can open the doors to improving your efficiency and injury prevention.

Look at the Data IMMEDIATELY

Once we perform the analysis, we immediately take a look at the videos to see if there is anything to change immediately. If so, we make appropriate adjustments and then update the analysis to update more to the report.

Alyson at Optimize Performance helped me so much when I wanted to start running again. Her strength and injury prevention training helped me build the strength I need to keep myself injury free. So happy I reached out to get started training!.

Amy S.

Let Us Guide You To A More Efficient Stride that Prevents Injury and Increases Pacing for Training and Racing.