Metabolic Testing

Cycling & Running

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Running Power-Performance Decoder, a GPS-based physiological profiling software for runners. The PPD-R enables runners and coaches to perform remote performance testing with lab level accuracy. Create a 360° physiological profile of a runner, independent of location. Develop better, more individualized training plans for your athletes with the running specific PPD-R.


The first and only tool on the market, that combines lab- and field data. This new feature within the INSCYD software will allow us to create the most complete and accurate metabolic profile of our talents with the same accuracy of results as the highest standard laboratory testing but this time, without any infrastructure/overhead. In less than 90 minutes, the athlete is able to test the protocol on their own, by simply following 4 intervals, which allows the coaches to draw a complete assessment of the athlete, with a much deeper look into their unique characteristics, in less than 5 minutes through INSCYD’s software.