We can work with all individuals looking to take their Performance, Training and Over-All Health to a new level.


We identify the composition of an athletic performance and how each particular metabolic metric – such as VO2max, VLamax, Anaerobic Threshold, Body Composition, Economy, Fat and Carb Combustion etc. effect the performance of you and/or your athlete.


Working with clients on how to create LIFE-LONG Healthy Habits to lose weight and keep it off, maintain their current weight, or gain weight in a healthy way.

Educational components mixed with nutritional components.

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Analyzing running, rowing, cycling and lifting biomechanics to determine strength imbalances, mobility/flexibility, foot strike, pronation/supination, knee flexion/extension angle, hip stability, core/trunk stability.


Programs emphasizing flexibility, balance, running, agility, speed, power and strength development.  Focus also on learning proper technique of specific lifts such as Squat, Deadlift, Power Clean (and many other regular lifts and Olympic Lifts).  Includes any individual returning from a non-surgical injury or surgical repairs: Knee, Shoulder, Elbow & Ankles Injuries such as: Tendonitis, ACL/PCL/MCL, UCL, Rotator Cuff, Labrum, Achilles, and Fractures.

After years of playing competitive sports I wanted to pick up cycling! I didn’t know what my heart rate or wattage should be AND I started having aches and pains after riding so much! Alyson not only helped me tailor my mobility and strength to be a stronger cyclist, but we did the metabolic testing to make me so much more efficient for training! The Testing was so beneficial, now I’m able to actually ride knowing exactly what my training zones are!!!

— B Wasmus

Alyson is the best! She’s helping my husband get back into running shape after an injury. I was so impressed with her vast knowledge of biomechanics that I’m going to have her do a run analysis on my three kids who run cross country/track. She is passionate about athletics/body mechanics/sport and we are really lucky to have her helping our family!

— T Robinson